Note from the Dungeon Master

To my players, I apologize if it seems like this campaign preparatory work is taking a lot of time. It is. 5th edition’s versatility and simplicity open up the ability for me to preserve elements from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th edition that I like while maintaining a simple to run system. While the base system in the player’s handbook was not anywhere near perfect, I am finding that with the tweaks and adjustment process I am crafting something I actually like out of it. I apologize to those waiting for the delays but the dwarven smiths are still hammering out the base rules we will be using. In short, yes this will be 5th edition, but it will be a mixture of the best rules from previous editions by the time I am done. As it stands now, the core changes are many pages of handwritten notes I made so rest assured you will see a much a different game than what is in the core books. Eberron_Warforged.jpg

Weapon Knockdown Rules from AD&D 2e

This will probably be a surprise to many of you who never played this edition, but the weapon knockdown rules have been added to the 5e combat system. Overall, I find this mechanic to be simple to use, and adds an element of randomness to combat. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy making combat more interesting? These rules will allow you to knock prone some creatures on successful attacks (they still get a save to resist, however).

Combat Conditions

This is probably one grievance I have with this system, being that it has such a short list of conditions and frankly I’m not ok with that. I am adding some conditions from pathfinder and 3.5 into the mix and altering the way Fear works. Fear will be rewritten so that it affects a character in stages rather than one and done. I feel fear stages similar to how the Exhaustion condition works will allow for a more dramatic build up of fear over the course of an adventure and provide that element it is missing (and Ravenloft will ultimately benefit from this as it will make things much more interesting).

Note from the Dungeon Master

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