Character Creation

Character Creation Method

Each player character is to be created with the following guidelines in mind. If you have any questions, ask the DM (RavenX) at your earliest convenience.

Standard Array or Point Buy

In order to keep players on the same page, player characters should be built with either the standard array of scores [15 14 13 12 10 8] or using the Point Buy method described in the Player’s Handbook with 27 points. This will keep the level of ability score power roughly even between players and there will be no need to argue over someone cheating on dice rolls or getting too lucky.

Honor Score

Characters will have a 7th ability score, Honor, added to the list of usual attributes. However, this score always starts at 10 and is adjusted based on the actions and deeds you perform over the course of a campaign. This score is of most importance to classes like Knight or Samurai whose theme is based on the concept of honor. Other characters will find this ability score useful at times when honor is called into question.

Sanity Score

Characters will have an 8th ability score, Sanity, added to the list of usual attributes. This score will start at 10 and be adjusted based on game play. The deeper you involve your character into the chthonic lore of the world, the lower this score is likely to go. The great old ones may still exist, and may be sleeping, and may or may not care that you exist, but the occult items they left behind in the world are not for mortal minds to comprehend usually. A character who loses enough sanity points will risk gaining madness levels.

Clothing Styles

With the fall of the electrical power grids came the collapse of the modern era as we know it. Though sewing by hand still exists, so does machinery in a more limited capacity. Machines can be retrofitted with magical elements to keep them functional, but no one manufactures spare parts to fix things that wear out. With this in mind, the clothing of the current age is a mix of medieval style and modern style. If you’d see it at a Renaissance faire, it’s likely you’d see it in this world.

Race Options

What races are allowed? All of the Common races listed in the Player’s Handbook are available to players. Of the Uncommon Races, gnomes, half-elves, and half-orcs are options that are currently allowed for player use. If you’d like to use a different race than those listed here, consult RavenX. Most of the time I will agree to a race option if the player has a good idea for a character, so don’t be discouraged if what you wish to play is not listed here, just ask the DM. Additional New Races allowed for the campaign can be found listed below.

Human Characters

There may be some confusion about which version of human to use since the Player’s Handbook offers a variant. In my campaign, please use the variant version. Since we are using feats in this campaign, I am putting the variant human on the table and taking out the one with just the +1 to ability scores. This will give your characters a little more customization but will let them be more specialized. I do not yet have any ethnicity information available for human characters. I will post that when I do. I may modify the way these work as well so that they’re available to all races and provide some minor benefit.

Class Options

After Earth takes place in our Earth, after a magical apocalypse has reshaped and remade it. Canada is known as the great glacier, Icewall, and has become a frozen tundra of permafrost that is slightly elevated above where it used to be. The molten core of the planet has cooled down to the levels of Faerun’s world, Toril. This means that a vast underground network of tunnels, caverns, and pools of water now exist, even vast underground oceans in some regions. The world has its own underdark. However, there are no predominant religions in the world. Even though few people remember much of history before the time of the Warlock’s Sundering, people do remember the discovery of religion being a total crock and that all of the world’s gods died with the death of the Olympians. This means there are no Clerics or Paladins in the world. So what classes do exist?

Additional Class options will be made available as time in the campaign moves forward. Player characters will also gain new options as the 5e book line expands.

Modern Class Options

Modern class options are available and can be found through Unearthed Arcana here.

Arcane Options

Warlock. Pact magic is the only known source of magic available to people. Dragons in the world are less than 100 years of age, and have no mixed their bloodlines into other species. No inborn sorcery options are available. Wizardary is now a lost art in the world, so the only option left is for people to form pacts. Bardic magic does not exist either.

Martial Options

Barbarian. Native Americans and other nomadic cultures that rely on physical strength and resolve to survive have banded together in barbarian tribes. The Navajo Nation now exists in the area just east of the Mojave Wastelands. This native american region has assimilated the remnants of other native people into their nation as citizens. Many of the central states are full of other tribes of barbarians, people who were isolated in communities far from the shores when the sundering occured.
Fighter. The most numerous of martial classes is the fighter. Just about anyone can become a fighter. Eldritch Knight is not allowed.
Monk. Ancient temples and long lost monasteries producing martial artists have re-emerged into the world, unleashing monks upon the world once again.
Ranger. Rangers are spell-less (see 5e Unearthed Arcana article on
Rogue. Scoundrels are more numerous, taking advantage of the decentralization of many governments to carve out a niche for their illicit trades. Arcane Trickster is not allowed.

Divine Options

None. With the fall of humanity’s faiths in the previous era, there is no basis for religion in the known world. While some cults exist in the world, these cults have no divine basis for their faiths. In fact some are just lunatics who just worship things like atomic bombs.

Psionic/Psychic Options

Mystic. While this is a playtest class and only has the first 5 levels stated out, it is still a free download on and is available for use in the campaign. We may have to add in class features for higher levels but I am not opposed to doing this.

Nature Options

Druid. Celtic Druids who remained faithful to the path of their traditions were rewarded with a font of great magic during the sundering of the Earth. Druids whose magic was once sealed by the spread of Christianity have had their long sealed powers restored to what they once were.

Backgrounds (themes)

Acolytes are not permitted, the lack of religion in the known world is sufficient reason for this option to not currently be available.

New Skills

Some skills not appearing in the Player’s Handbook will be making an appearance in the campaign. These new skills are specific to the campaign, and currently there is no plan for integrated proficiency in these skills to the existing classes, if you want proficiency in one of the new skills, you can get it by trading proficiency in a different skill as per the usual method described for Backgrounds, or spend a feat slot to gain it through the appropriate feat.

Technology (Intelligence). The technology skill is used when dealing with technological items of the previous age. A character wanting to salvage an item for usable scrap items for resale can do so with a Technology skill check. Activating a technological item or figuring out how one works requires a Technology skill check. A character proficient in technology can use most pieces of technology from the prior age and treats pistols and revolvers as Simple Weapons, rather than Martial Weapons.

Starting Equipment

Either use the options in the classes and backgrounds, or take average starting gold and pick your own gear.

Hacking Tools. This kit contains the hardware and software necessary to allow access into most computer systems and electronic devices. Proficiency with hacking tools lets you add your proficiency bonus to any Intelligence checks you make to connect to or make use of a computer system or electronic device. The kit fits snugly in a backpack or toolbox.
Hacking Tools cost 80 gp and weigh 9 lb. in most open markets.

Hacking Tools, Wrist Mounted. This kit provides the exact same functionality of a set of hacking tools, save that you wear it on your arm in one of your wrist areas. The functional computer screen and connection software allows you to connect into any computer terminal with relatively little problem and allows you to hack via preprogrammed software. You still need basic hacking tools to script the software used by wrist mounted hacking tools, these tools just provide an easier to carry method of doing the actual work. Some people refer to these items as “pip boys” for some odd reason that is unknown to the people of the current age.
Hacking Tools cost 200 gp and weigh 4 lb. in most open markets.


Ok, so some of you might have a little confusion on this topic. If you were a 3.5 or 4e player the lack of feat slots may come as a shock. Basically in 5e whenever your class offers you an Ability Score Increase you can choose to take a feat instead. Some feats actually include ability score increases, and the feats presented in this edition are buffer than those in previous editions. They do more and have more versatility. I am toying with the idea of giving a first level character the option to gain a feat, but I am still thinking on how exactly to implement this. If I do put the option on the table, you may have to give up 2 points of racial ability score increase (since the normal rules for gaining a feat force you to give up 2 points of ability score increase from class to gain a feat in the first place). Each feat can only be taken once, unless otherwise noted in the feat description.

Feats from Prior Editions

I know some people have feats from the older editions they liked. I’m not opposed to using them, but to be on par with the 5th edition feats we will need to examine the older edition feat and tweak it a bit to make it have the functionality a 5th edition feat requires. I’m not opposed to bringing feats from older editions into the game, but we will need to talk on this and figure out what we can do to keep the power level on par with the edition since previous edition feats are now underpowered by comparison. Again, this is a matter to discuss with the DM directly.

Grenades and Alchemical Splash Weapons

These weapons are treated as simple weapons that a character is always proficient in. Throwing a glass bottle/vial or pulling the pin on a hand grenade and chucking it at someone are not particularly difficult actions. A character always adds their proficiency bonus to attack rolls with such weapons, and always uses Strength as their base attack modifier for thrown attacks made with such weapons. Just don’t be the person that rolls a natural “1” while tossing a grenade.

Backup Characters and New Characters at Higher Level.

Currently the plan is for characters to earn their magical equipment in game. This means your character will start with the same starting equipment options regardless of your character level. The DM may, at his discretion, grant your character an item or two for the purpose of keeping the level of power appropriate, so ask at the table when you reach higher tiers. It is recommended that you keep a backup character at the same level as the character you play regularly, in case the inevitable happens, so that the DM can introduce your new character in immediately. Note: I am not the kind of DM that’s going to make you wait 2 game sessions for the party to finish a story just to introduce a new character at an appropriate time. As soon as one of your characters dies, a new one will be welcomed into the fold quickly (sometimes in a comical fashion, I have had characters just drop into a dungeon from a random hole in the ceiling before, goblins and other monsters often make great cushions to save someone from certain doom! Regardless of how the new character enters, understand that your replacement will appear within 2 encounters of the one where he or she died, guaranteed.


You don’t have to ask, the answer is yes. Since officially announced Prestige classes were returning (yes this is canon now) I am allowing multiclass characters. You must follow all the guidelines in the PHB for multiclass characters however!

Arcane Unearthed and articles

If there is any question as to whether you can use playtest materials from, the short answer is HELL YEAH! If you want to play something like the Mystic psionic class, I can tell you right now you’ll be allowed to. While the ranger is spell-less, the unearthed arcana version that introduces animal companions does not interfere with this option at all, so you can use both of these options to form a single ranger variant. Now, as for power level, keep in mind that at 6th level and above, some of these playtest materials do not have stats or abilities. If we have to “invent” new options we can, or we can just substitute a new character or even allow multiclassing in these cases.

Character Creation

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